What Causes Bad Breath?
Written By Bad Breath Center

Over 60 million people suffer from Halitosis. With that many people suffering from it, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Contrary to the commercials you see on TV and the ads you read, mints, mouthwash and regular toothpaste will NOT solve the problem. It most likely will make it worse!

It's no one's fault they have bad breath. In fact, most people with halitosis are so concerned about it that they tend to have far better oral hygiene practices than the average person.

According to the most current research over 90 percent of all cases of chronic bad breath originate in the mouth, NOT in the stomach, sinuses or lungs. Virtually all cases of bad breath are caused by volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). These bacteria are normal and should be there. Bad breath is a result of sulfur gas created from the breakdown of proteins found in food.

The source of these compounds is bacteria in the mouth breaking down the cell wall of dead cells. These anaerobic bacteria collect and multiply mainly on the tongue. They thrive in a dry, dark environment such as under the gums, the spaces between the teeth and the crevices of the tongue.

These bacteria are active in inflammation of the gum (gingivitis) and gum disease (periodontitis). While these bacteria are causing gum disease and destroying bone, they are also producing VSCs that cause bad breath.

The solution is Chlorine Dioxide which is a concentrated form of oxygen that has proven to kill the bacteria and dissolve the Sulfer compounds while leaving the beneficial aerobic bacteria.


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